Saturday, November 05, 2011


I feel embarrassed and ashamed. Thats all I got to say :$ Like seriously, I've ditched this whole blog editing thing for 2 months :O Ughh seriously Hanan, you dont have to make that stupid, innocent, surprised face -.- PANG!!

Too many things happened and Im kinda too lazy to type everything on da blog but well for my love and devotion to this cuttay, sweety-pie blog, I will (H)

So well, to keep moving as fast as lightning, I need to stop babbling on this post and start typing the next post [:

Friday, July 29, 2011


        After not having anything to do at home and no plans outside, so Jasmin, Fatma and I went to San Stefano just to you know, chill around and hang out since sitting at home is extremely boring! But we didnt stay there for that long, only for about 3 hours I guess? That actually sucks. Anyways, after arriving there, we moved these legs of ours directly to the cinema ♥ xx Yayy (A) And after thinking, contemplating, arguing, discussing, wondering and looking around we finally chose to watch Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon! Oh yesss bro I've finally watched it :')  

        After remembering that the movie was 3D and we didnt have the glasses thingy, had to walk back to the snack, food or w.e counter to buy it :3 Annoying isnt it? You were already in front of the cinema's door then you just have to walk back to the counter (I'm talking like the distance between em are miles away -.-). But at least we entered the cinema on time and didnt miss any parts of the movie :} It'd be a HUGE mistake to miss any parts of it!!!! Okay, okay..chill Hanan, dont be overemotional --'
         So it's true! Transformers 3 is extremely awesome 5 stars out of 5 for it ;DD Like seriously, any of you, you, her, them or him who havent watch it, have and must to ;)) Sam Witwicky, cast by Shia LaBeouf is the best character of course ;') Okay, that dude is freaking hilarious in that movie XD The whole cinema was full with laughter xD 

        I love or more accurately, ADORE the part when he was going to a company to another for job interviews xD and the part when he was in the bathroom with the Chinese guy (I forget his name, it's Shawn something, I think :S) who attacked him, bwawahhaaXD and also when he was falling from the roof of a building something :))) There are actually a lot of awesome parts, I cant write em all of course, you gotta watch it by your own if ya haven't ;D  

        During the short break, we off to the counter, again, to buy some snacks then back enjoying the movie while I had to finish up the whole popcorn box alone since they didnt want it -.- but yayy I succeeded XD I felt the movie was long though or I dont know, maybe that was just my feeling but I didnt mind cause it's magnifito and perfecto!~ 

We're the cool ones (H) I LOVE you guys

Duddde, you're a super hottieeee and understanding! :*

Never stop talking and arguing with youuuu! :*

        After the movie ended, we walked around for a while and then I was going to pray so it was time to say 'Cya later' ;'( I hate that the hang out was so short but what could I do? Time envies us. I miss you guys like so-really-a lot-huge-much! ♥ And Jasmiiiiin (I know your name has only an I, the rest are accessories), I'm gonna miss you A LOT! Even much more than you think and know :'[ I pray and hope ya'll have a safe journey back there :") Muahhssssssss xxx sobs sobs sobs sobs ..

Manshiah ♥

        Ever heard of it? Most Alexandrian know this place. Right, now you know it's a PLACE. I'll make it simple. Manshiah is actually a big market (you can say that). It has these huge number of shops and stalls in it. They sell stuffs with cheaper prices there comparing to the ones in malls. But well, this place is freaking loaded and stuck with people especially at NIGHT, after 21.00. So if you're planning to go there, I advice you put on your shoes in evening or some hours after afternoon to avoid crushing with the sea of people there.

        Most Malaysians would go there to buy souvenirs (but I think they prefer to buy those from Cairo), veils, dry fruits, many types of beans etc. cause like I said, the prices are cheaper.

        And so last..I honestly dont remember when but maybe 1 1/2 weeks ago, I went there without planning to buy anything cause I just wanted to go somewhere that day. I blast off from sis Aishah's house to Manshiah since I went there with her and some of her friends, on 18.00. We were there like 25 mins (+-) later if I'm not mistaken. We spent almost 5 hours there.

        Firstly sis Aishah wanted to buy a new phone so 2 hours were spent on surveying the phones shops over there and she finally decided to get that Nokia E5 and I seriously lovvvee it :') Next, to the fabrics (cloth) shops. And finally, the dry fruittttss! ♥ (A) I adoorree those shops that sell fruits and beans there coz you can taste almost everything! :P There was this shop that we went to, GOSH! Everything was super-duper sweet and delicious babbee ♥ And the best thing was the prune! The taste is perfectoo mama miaa italyano!~  I never knew prune could be so tasty and sweet because the Sunsweet brand ones dont look that good to me but I dont know cause I've never tasted them before but I bet they couldnt beat these ones that I tasted and bought. 

What does it taste like? ^o)
Taste anything from those ;)

And from those too o.o

I want em alllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!
        After tired of walking and spending, we finally walked to the juice shops! ♥ This is the best thing about Manshiah! The juice shops are everywhere in it! So like after you're tired of shopping and walking, go directly to the juice shops but make sure to choose a good one cause some shops dont sell great-ohsem-tasty-juices ;) And as usual, I picked the fresh mango juice ^^v Sllurpp~ Ugh..I miss Slurpee :'( 

I MISS YOU :*Ergh, this is so tempting >.<
        On 22.15, we finally walked to the bus-stop and waited for the vans or any transports but unfortunately, there weren't even a single empty-space in most transports -.- We waited for the van or the bus for 45 mins! --' And finally, arrived a double decker with some empty spaces :'} And it took an hour and 10 mins I think to arrive home cause the traffic was so jammed =.= Then we ate happily ever after after arriving :") 

Pretty blury but I think you can still see the crowd

Just look at those people whom were waiting for transports :S

And again.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cont. of last post

        Not exactly the continue of last post. Just some addition of photos from the last post that I mentioned ;D

The toughs group
2 sweet smiles ;))
Err.. who's that? Eating while showing her teeth proudly while her eyes were closed -.-
Why the heck was I THAT serious? ^o)
AGAIN?!! Chill, chill.. those are just chickens to be satays not some creepy looking snakes :}
Nope, I didnt re-upload the same photo coz as you can see, my eyes are now finally opened and I guess maybe at that moment I've realized that I wasn't rolling in food commercial :')
I honestly HATE my reaction at that moment -.- And yeah, as you can see, it was almost dark and I was ditched alone at that table ;'( No, actually I worked OT :D
Wasn't taken from a really good angle :3
Pose like a statue and smile :-]

Er.. watch out the edge of the table :3

I promise, this is the last photo of me in this post XD

Was that a wave or a what? ^o)
        Alright, I think those are pretty much enough (: I dont want anyone to puke on the computer just because of the huge number of photos of me XD

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After 15 days ..

        It's been quite awhile since I posted anything. Nothing much to share. Just what I did on the past 16 days. On.. er..I forgot. Anyways, last week or the other one maybe, we did this small party at home. Just a small one, for fun. But it was cool, I mean like, there were FOODS you know ;P How can't that be cool? Alright, I'm just gonna share a bit about it and plusI dont have most of the photos of it right now. I'll share the rest of em on another post ISA.

        All the works started on 9.00 (er..yeah?) They started to cut the chickens and meats and etc. I didn't help much (well you see, people with lazy butts are like that ;P) I was just fully contributed with boiling the compressed rice (nasi impit) and sticking up the chickens on the sticks for the satay. Then, nothing else XD Alright, so the party started on 19.00. There weren't much guests, just few of em. I was totally 'busy' with sis K's DSLR while everyone was eating ♥ I envy her for that :( Thank God she was generous enough to lend it to me for that night :') Thank youuu again if you're reading this (yeah, that's like 0.0001 % -.-)

Here you go, the pictures brooo, sis, aunt, and uncle and and and everyone ..

Looks weird, I know :] This was before the making or before we started to stick em all on the sticks to produce delicious, perfecto satay which satisfied our lusts mwawahaha
I was still in the kitchen at that moment, handling the nasi impit lalala~
The other side
Even they were eager while working on that
Too bad, was still in the kitchen :( The stuffed rice took a freaking long time to boil -.-
Finally there :') Look at that fellow, smiling widely with her teeth showing, yeah that's me :") What a wide smile :[)
No compliments for my eagerness? sob sob ..
Ehehehe tired of grilling
Ma fav! Meet the aunty ;DD 2 seringgit, 2 seringgit
Killing two birds with a stone (A) Time for a break bro!
Woooo look at the fire babeee
See that cute fella next to me? Thats the generous camera owner :") She even edited the photo (A)

        So these are what I have for now. I'll see if I can get more photos later on, I'll just put em on another post. 

        Right now, I need to finish up the whole jug of Iced Milo I made (A) It's somehow tasteless, thats why gotta finish it by my own :( I made a mistake by replacing the sweetened condensed milk with the full cream one -.- A huge one actually. But it's not that bad so thank God :}

        There'll be two more posts following ISA so follow up cool people ;)) Oh yeah, have ya watched this vid? Pretty hilarious XD 

0.38: No, it's delicious XD

Monday, July 11, 2011

Filling up my time!

        I've been so diligent in downloading and watching movies today (H) No, no actually, yesterday cause right now it's already 2:15 :DD Like really, I spent most of the day watching movies and eating. Thats it -.- Seems like I'm really looking forward to gain more weight =_=' But so what, I was enjoying the day (H) I need to relax you know :(

        So yesterday, I managed to download 3 movies, KL Gangster, 3 2 1 cinta and Nur Kasih The Movie. All the Malay ones that I've been wanting to watch.

KL Gangster
An awesome action movie let me say. I like the plots a lot! I love how the they had inserted some jokes in this movie which makes the movie even more interesting than it already is. And the best thing about this movie is that, it has 3 genres lemme say ;) Action which is an of course, some comedy and also some of drama which I likeeee ♥ 4 3/4 stars out of 5 for this movie ;D


3,2,1 cinta                                                                     
This movie is hilarious xD Tehee and I like how tough and brave Sam is as a 'lady'. Her weird actions are the best parts of the movie. What a retard she is in that movie makes it even more ohsemm. All in all, I love it! ♥ 4 1/2 starts out of 5 for this one! ;))
I'm totally speechless with the greatness of this movie. Only tears could explain ..A great movie presenting great and full of challenges love stories and sacrifices for those whom they love. An awesome, heart-touching movie of how hard life could be and what lie beneath those hard times in life. Comes along with great sadness which will surely bring you or anyone else to tears, suspicious and unexpected events ♥ Plus how the actors played their characters makes it even bettaaa. It's certainly included in the list of one of the best movies I've ever watched, ever :') They should really translate it to more other languages and publish it everywhere around the world. This movie and Titanic are in the same level of awesomeness ;) 5 out of 5 stars for this movie ;DD
        To make myself feel as if I'm in the cinema, I grab loads of food with me (A) Okay, not loads but some I guess you know, just to have something to chew and slurp tehee~ 

I didn't have any popcorns and was too lazy to make myself a big cup of ice lemon tea so replaced those with dates, skittles, raisins, tepung pelita, cup of water and the beyty- spiky chocolate milk
        I was only missing two items, but then they both got replaced with 6 items --' What a hog. Wuwuwuwu~ I'm ending this right now with a piece of humorous picture xD


Friday, July 08, 2011

An appreciation, a gratitude which come from a big, sincere heart :")

        No words could explain how.. how jubilant and glad and and touched I am ! All I can say is, THANK YOU SO MUCH :"] All your birthday wishes mean A LOT to me. I'm totally speechless to see all the wishes. You're notified of my birthday :* Like ..I dont know, the wishes just mean too much to this fellow over here. Those wishes really made my days. See? the word 'day' is in the plural form! Even till now, those wishes still make me feel, happy (:

        All my thanks go to those people who wished through FB, Chat, Text messages, Lively and everything or anything! Those wishes are the gifts (-: This is just a tiny gratitude from me that might be even unnoticed but I dont care (H) There's nothing more I can say. I can't be the one who's giving you presents and gifts to show my gratitude for your wishes, it's supposed to be the vice versa right? ;P  Bwawahaha! Really, I dont wanna say anything anymore. Just another THANKS! Muahssss~

        What makes me even feel more noticed is that, up until today, some of them still wished :") OMG I love you people ♥ *Virtual hug and kiss*

        Here are just some credits for these people. Nani, my two-days twin had her birthday on 4th July, 2 days before mine! ♥ And then yesterday, my 7abibty Sherine had her birthday too! ♥ Oh yeah, and today's my cousin's wife which is sis Nadwa's birthday! ♥ Look at the chronological order :')

        Thanks A LOT again people! Okay, I know you're sick of that word. But, thank you again! :DD =P Okay, I'll stop here. Before closing the tab, take a look at this photo:

Seriously mam, no need for the hard work of posting posters anymore (:

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Perfect Imperfection (Tagged)

        Okay, have any of you ever heard or played 'Perfect Imperfection?' Just in case you never did, I'll explain what on Earth is it. It's actually a game (or call it whatever you prefer to) where you state 3 of your personalities that you like and another 3 of your personalities that you hate. And in another part, state 3 of your physical parts (mouth, body, leg, etc.) that you love and another 3 parts of your bodies that you just dont like. Get it? You could state more than 3 on any of those if you intend to (: Plus you may also add the reasons why you like or dislike any of your personalities and physicals. This thing is really cool actually, I, actually WE've been doing it since a while at school together. It helps you identify yourselves, your characters and A LOT about yourselves that you might never had seem to notice or acknowledge. But I'll tell ya what, DONT play it with 'judgmental assholes' ;)

        So actually, Jasmin tagged me to do it on my blog cause she did the same on hers ;D So after being some treaties from her, I've finally agreed to type these. Right, I'm kidding you people xD Jasmin, duddde, just dont plan on killing me when you're reading this ;P So lets start even though I did this thing with you before Jaaaazzzmmeeenn :-P And anyone else, just read em up carefully so you wont understand them vice verse-ly.
Appearances (Physical parts)

1) My feet
- They're somehow pretty long and I love that!
- Having these long-not that big feet makes it easier for me to find perfect sizes that match my feet which is really ohsem!

2) My eyebrows
- My eyebrows have their own beautiful shapes already which I just love.
- I dont need to clean them simply cause they're just right like how they are.

3) My body
- I love it just cause I'm not that fat neither that skinny.
- It's just fine and matches me.

4) Ma dimples
- I have dimples which I love so much!
- I think they add perfection to your smile as I dont have a great smile.

 1) My nails
- I just dont really like them simply cause they're cup-shaped instead of glass-shaped like I want it to be.
- I think glass-shaped nails are really gorgeous!

2) My eyelashes
- You've no idea how short they are, it's not even obvious that I have lashes.
- Plus one more thing, they're not curly. It'd be okay if they're not long but it'd be good if they're curly but nope, they're not. Sorry!

3) My teeth
- Talk to me about them, they're yellow-whitish, which means obviously they're not that white and shiny (I think those shiny teeth only exists in toothpaste and brush commercials..)
- The thing is, I brush them regularly like how we're supposed to.
- The only thing that makes me feel good about this is that they say yellowish teeth are strong, I'm not sure of how true it is.

4) My face (greasy)
- The fact that my face looks really greasy when I sweat really bothers me! I cant be going to the toilet every 5 minutes.
- Sweating is a good thing, but then it turns out that now my face has to be greasy in order to sweat.


1) I like how I can stand up for myself, for those whom I love, those who I care about and my friends
- I'm not referring to anyone, but some people are afraid to do this cause they think that it'd be rude to do so.
- It shows that I dont have a low self-esteem/confidence

2) I love how straight-forward, honest I am in giving opinions, I'd always try to pass through those barriers which stop me from being sincere

- Some people might get offended with this action, but for me, this is actually really good and healthy in having any friendships, relationships, kinships and any ships.
- Any ships that are tied with honesty and sincerity have really strong bonds which are totally solid to be broken down.

3) The fact that I'm trustworthy, understanding
- I'd always try my best out of the best and out of the box of the post office to understand and share the compassion when people are facing problems and difficulties in life.
- Any secrets would always be only between you and me. No third party like you've wished.

4) I'm sensitive BUT when seeing others are suffering, not like crying like a toddler loudly in front of 999999999999999 crowds
- Getting easily touched by their sufferings is a really good thing, this is one of the ways how you can actually be stronger in facing difficulties in life cause you know, you're not the only who's hurt and that some people are suffering more than you are.
- You'd be more grateful with the life you've having and facing through after viewing others'.

5) I'm not that girly kind
- From my view, this is a good thing cause I could save up more money as I dont have to buy some stuffs that might be life and death to some parts of girlies.
- Somehow this thing makes me braver.

6) My trusts are totally limited, even much, way more limited than those limited items sale in stores

- At least I dont have to worry about being betrayed that much.

- I wouldnt feel that pain of being betrayed that much.

1) I'm hot-tempered
- This is a really really bad thing about me. I dont have that much of this adjective called 'patient' in myself which sometimes get me to troubles.
- I dont wanna be a selfish bitch who doesnt care about what others feel.

2) My trusts are limited
- This point is actually good and bad so I included in both.
- When they're limited, it's hard to live because in order to live, you need to trust people though trusting might hurt later on.

3) I've always have those feelings that people dont feel comfortable around me, actually hate me and etc.
- This has to do with the previous one, that means I really dont trust people. 
- These kinds of feelings would lead to troubles and fights if I just cant control or get rid of them.

4) I'm not girly, not even close I guess, I know I wrote this on part that I like about myself too

- Actually this thing is not that good as a person who's from the female group.
- Maybe I'm too rough sometimes, too ..what else?.... IDK? xD

5) Lying is just the best option at times
- I know lying is no good, at all but at times, thats just the only way I can escape the inescapable.
- There are always choices instead of lying, but I just dont know what are the rest of the choices given to me except lying.


        This is it xD See? Told ya it'd be fun. Letting others to know a bit of you is not that bad cause it helps ya to actually see yourselves at the same time too like I said at the beginning.

        Here you go duddee, a long-dragged one, especially for ya xD But thanks A LOT actually to this cute Jasmin for tagging me :* Do tag me again next time xP

        All in all, I know that how you look like is the best look on you and that everyone has his/her special parts that others might dont. And one more thing, I need to try to fix lots of stuffs through my personalities, just to be beettaa, not perfect ;) *Sigh*

You can see clearly why I like/dislike some of my physicals
P/S: In those 'LIKES' parts, I'm not showing off or any relatives of it, I'm just telling ya what I like. Hope people nowadays are much more open-minded, I'd love to know that (: You all deserve my warm-greeting. But to other judgmental assholes, better shut up and kick your butt out of here, as simple as that :DD

P/S: Do this thingy on your blogs and tag any of your friends too ;) 

P/S: I tag everyone who read this post to do this ;-) It'd be great if everyone would be doing it as you're all tagged by me ;D 

Lets talk about shoes ..

        Wait ..a new post after 3 days? Haha shut up people, alright, I know I'm not that oh-so-disciplined-blogger xD Okay anyways, there's nothing much to say, I'm just updating since I think it'd be cool to do so since I'm freaking bored and got nothing really to do at this hour. Just read, understand and you know, leave me with some kind of proves it's not a dream ohohohohohoho~ (thats The Only Exception- Paramore song --") I meant, just drop your comment just to notify me that someone actually IS reading this blog of mine :') But it'd be fine I guess if no one is cause I'm writing for my own fun (-: But would be much better though if AT LEAST, someone IS (A) I think this intro is too much dragged, isn't it? xD I even forget about what I was gonna type ..oh yeah! remember now :D ----> Next time dont babble too much :)

        So I actually spent yesterday, WISELY. In the morning on 9.20 something, went to CityCentre which is located at the end ..wait it's actually at the beginning of Alexandria (: Anyways, went there and arrived like on 10.00 something (the traffic was jammed -.-) The best thing about going there yesterday is that I got a new shoe! (Wait cant be only A SINGLE shoe) Okay, I got A PAIR of shoes, habbby? I love it, A LOT though I just realized when I got home that actually the colors are like those colors of the Converse I got before --" Black and White ♥ I've always loved these two colors and will always do babeee so I guess, I've no prob with having two pair of shoes with the same colors :-D Seriously, who the heck got prob with such thing? -.-'

I decided to put on GREEN yesterday :-D Nature color like previous post, remember? The freaking long one with tons of photos ;D And oh yes, my face was greasy and oily lalalala~
Looks like how they always promote the shoes on commercials --' Er no the ones on the rugs of the shops

Yarghh! The left side won xD Sowwy right side, I didnt mean to stab you from the back, it was just a coincidence that the left side was on the top :")
Now lets take a look at the name of the shoes and the sizes from different countries ( these even matter? IDC, I still wanna share)

The name stated on the tag is actually 'Brasic Str II' so like if you're falling in love at first sight with this pair of Adidas shoes, just go to any of their outlets or stores and ask for a pair and done (-: No need for a whole month searching the exact, same one, right? And the sizes stated for US : 7 1/2 while  F : 42 2/3
        When talking about shoes or either sandals, everyone must have his/her favorite brand(s) dont they? It cant be that I'm the only bizarre alien who got favorite shoes brands, can it? -.- So here are my favorite shoes and sandals brands, they're the coolest of all

1) Converse


2) Adidas

3) Nike

4) Crocs- Sandals

#1: It's just so damn comfortable and the designs are awesome 
#2: Their shapes and designs are just so cool 
#3: Flexible and simple
#4: Can walk all day long and anywhere with them

        See how cool those brands are? So what about your choices? And yeah, what sizes do you wear? xD Recommend me on your favorite shoes, so I could give some other brands a try too ;)

        Do you people really share about your new shoes? xD Cause I dont think people really do this but who cares? ^o) I'm just unique (H) 

        Oh yeah, I found this big-fat-cute-bear at Centrepoint ♥ But it was for EGP 389 which equals to about RM 194 and also about $93 <----(These are roughly counted by this brain of mine) Here you go, all the currencies =_= But buh buh it's just so adorable :'( Can I get it for free? I always visit and shop at Centrepoint you know (A)

 I'll cya on my next visit to Centrepoint if you'll still be there :")
        And another thing I'd like to share. When we were in Adidas store, my lil sis was sulking xD She wanted a t-shirt or a track-suit something at Centrepoint but we didnt know. Maybe she thought she could find another one better at Adidas for her, so she didnt really mind but then it turned out to be vice verse, nothing matches her at the Adidas store that we went to :( Poor hunny. Look at her face xD

This was at Adidas, her bro joined her, lol
She was just throwing her gaze outside the car's window on our way back :')

She fell asleep at that moment after tired of sulking xD
This is it for this post, I'll end it with this must-watch video:

I've watched it before but am sure I didnt share it yet, so enjoy xD

P/S: 0:46 (that kid is so naughty xD) and 0.53 (respect the ladies next time sweety xD) are the most hilarious parts xD